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Complete Hydroexcavation Services in the Midwest

What lies beneath the surface of your property? Bahr Hydroexcavation makes finding out safe and affordable. We offer a complete range of hydro-excavation services in the Midwest, as well as related solutions, for contractors, plumbers, and property owners. Contact us today for a free quote on any of the services listed here.

Comprehensive Hydroexcavation

Locate your underground utilities without digging up your entire property with our comprehensive hydroexcavation services. This safe and efficient method allows us to create small potholes that only go as deep as absolutely necessary.

Perimeter Excavations

For the absolute minimum disruption, we recommend perimeter excavations. We will “halo” the perimeter with a six-inch-wide trench and dig down to the specified depth of the utility to get the insight you need.

Full Excavations

Sometimes, a less intrusive approach isn’t possible. With our full hydroexcavation services, we minimize the impact on your property while getting the results you want.


While daylighting, we dig small holes to locate utilities. We use a specialized wand that breaks up the dirt with water, and a vacuum that removes the dirt and water from the hole.

Industrial Vacuuming

After any large excavation project, there will be a mess left behind. With our specialized vacuum trucks, we easily clear away ash, coal, dirt, or any other debris. In addition to industrial vacuuming, we also provide flood water removal.

Emergency Excavation Services

You can’t afford to wait during emergencies—and you don’t have to. We are available 24/7 to resolve serious issues that cannot wait for standard business hours. This includes after-hours excavations and flood water removal.

Comprehensive Hydroexcavation
Perimeter Excavations
Industrial Vacuuming