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Utility Potholing

Cost-Efficient & Safe Utility Potholing in the Midwest

Eliminate risks with safe utility potholing in the Midwest. Potholing in construction is a crucial step to expose lines and underground facilitates. Vacuum or hydro excavation uses air or water to remove soil during potholing in construction. The process starts with 8 to 12 inches in diameter to dig straight down until reaching the line. Our company is a leading expert in accurately creating these holes and avoiding utility damage.

Safety is our main priority when locating underground utility lines in the Midwest. Low-pressure water or air is the safest method to dig below the surface close to utility lines. Outdated methods may damage these lines, causing malfunctions or risks for workers. For example, heavy machinery, shovels, and similar equipment may damage underground utilities. Nevertheless, water or air safely excavates around utility lines, leaving them intact with a non-mechanical process.

The Advantage of Daylighting

Residential, commercial, and industrial communities require daylighting in the Midwest. This process is convenient due to time and cost-saving advantages. Our company protects your community and performs a quality job, avoiding damage to underground facilities. Bahr Hydroexcavation has years of experience ensuring this process is completed safely to protect communities’ utilities and on-site workers. Reach out when you need cost-effective, environmentally friendly potholing.