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bahr hydro introduction

Welcome to Bahr Hydroexcavation

Bahr Hydroexcavation has partnered with your municipality to perform the water service investigation in your area per the US Environmental Protection Agency. The water service record for your home or business is incomplete and we need your help.

We need to identify the pipe material of your water service.
You can help in 2 ways.

1. Self-inspection (2-4 mins) – Locate the water service entering your home or business. Take two pictures and submit the pictures on this website. For instructions on how to self-inspection, please click here.


2. Schedule a technician for an in-home Inspection (5-15mins) – Use the link below to schedule a technician to come into your home or business to perform the inspection. To schedule a technician, please click here.


For additional Information about the water service investigation program, please click here.